About me

I am an engineer and tech leader, with a passion for machine learning and distributed systems. In February 2021, I joined Onfido as a Director of Applied Science. We use machine learning and computer vision to provide identity verification services on the internet.

Before that, I led the product recommendation team at Criteo and the embedded image processing team at Thales Optronics. I graduated from MIT with a PhD in robotics/computer vision in 2010, under the supervision of prof. Seth Teller. I am a reviewer for NeurIPS, ICML and ICLR.

Contact info

You can find me on Medium, Twitter, Google scholar, LinkedIn. You can email me at olivier.koch@gmail.com.

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Main achievements

  • In 2005-2010, during my PhD years, I built end-to-end, real-time vision-based systems for navigation assistants under the supervision of Prof. Seth Teller. This work was published at CVPR'07, ICCV'09 and ICRA'10.
  • In 2006-2007, I was a core member of the MIT DARPA Challenge Team. We developed one of the first self-driving cars and reached fourth place in Finale (only six teams out of several dozens made it to the Finale). We published our design at IJFR'08. A defining chapter of my career!
  • In 2018, I led a complete redesign of the Criteo recommendation engine using representation learning, at the scale of billions of users and millions of items. We delivered multiple-fold uplifts in clicks and sales on the Acquisition product.