About me

I am an engineer and tech leader, with a passion for machine learning and distributed systems. In February 2021, I joined Onfido as a Director of Applied Science. We use machine learning and computer vision to provide identity verification services on the internet.

Before that, I led the product recommendation team at Criteo and the embedded image processing team at Thales Optronics. I graduated from MIT with a PhD in robotics/computer vision in 2010, under the supervision of prof. Seth Teller. I am a reviewer for NeurIPS, ICML and ICLR.

Contact info

You can find me on Medium, Twitter, Google scholar, LinkedIn. You can email me at olivier.koch@gmail.com.

Main achievements

  • In 2018, I led a complete redesign of the Criteo recommendation engine using representation learning, at the scale of billions of users and millions of items. We tripled the sales uplift of the product and delivered multiple million dollars in incremental revenue for the company. Read our arxiv paper.
  • In 2006-2007, I was a core member of the MIT DARPA Challenge Team. We developed one of the first self-driving cars and reached fourth place in Finale (only six teams out of several dozens made it to the Finale). We published our design at IJFR'08. A defining chapter of my career!
  • In 2005-2010, during my PhD years, I built end-to-end, real-time vision-based systems for navigation assistants under the supervision of Prof. Seth Teller. This work was published at CVPR'07, ICCV'09 and ICRA'10.

Blog posts